• Berlin Marathon
    02:58:34 placed 1507 overall, 302 in age category
  • Paris Marathon
    02h 56m 49's, finished 761st, 258th in category
  • Snowdonia Marathon
  • Royal Parks Ultra
  • Berlin Marathon
  • Namib Desert Challenge
    Finished 3rd in 23:26:10. Breathtaking scenery. This was about so much more than a race.
  • The Wall
    13:46:52 A huge achievement of running 111km and just possibly inspiring someone to try out a local Park Run.
  • Bupa London 10,000
    00:39:42 PB was most definitely spurred on by seeing a man running single legged on crutches. No matter what life throws at you, believe you can!
  • Marathon de Paris
    03:00:16 What an achievement! It doesn’t just happen though. It’s a slow process of training and fine tuning that slowly brings us closer to our goals. If one thing is true, there are no short cuts or quick fixes. Training is everything.
  • Old Deer Park Richmond Half Marathon
    01:26:04 Smashed a full 6 minutes off my half marathon PB and pushing me towards a very real possibility of a 3hr Paris time. I kept thinking "AWESOME!" For the remainder of the day, which was spent relaxing on the sofa watching action movies.
  • Snowdonia Marathon
    03:38:20 Every bit of me from my legs to my feet were burning. Nothing could dampen the spirits crossing the finish line.
  • Royal Parks Ultra
    04:05:20 No sub 4hr. Gutted but I wasn't angry. I didn't feel like I had failed.
  • Marathon de Paris
    03:12:33 Aided by a zen like approach towards running, yoga and the state of relentless forward motion helped push the limits.
  • Berlin Marathon
    03:27:40 Crossing the finish line, feeling like I was being carried by the roar of the crowds.
  • Marathon de Paris
    03:41:38 You honestly don't believe you can but you do.

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