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Keeping motivated in the up's and down's of running

I sometimes wonder what it is that keeps me getting out of bed at 05:30 almost daily to do some form of training. From a morning workout at gym to training on the hills at Hampstead Heath and then cycling to work caked in mud before the start of another working day.

Sometimes friends ask what it is that keeps me motivated to get up and go out there day after day in the early hours and I honestly don’t have a definitive answer. Maybe it’s chasing that runner’s high you get just enough of from a good training session or it could be the strength of the desire to reach that elusive marathon PB you so badly want that you can almost taste it when your legs begin to burn. Then there’s running for the sheer joy and scenery which you look forward to on weekends when everything becomes a little more playful when you hit the trails.

Maybe it isn’t one of these things which is the answer but everything which encompasses running which makes us enjoy it. The intensity of interval sessions, feeling your heart thumping in your chest when you're hitting the hills, those long weekend runs when you’re out there for hours feeling your legs slowly turning to lead. It’s these things which make you feel alive.

Recently not being able to run gave me time to focus my energy on other activities I wouldn’t normally spend time doing. It’s what you do when you’re going through a bad patch and need inspiration. You focus on the things you can do, nurture the progress you’re making whilst waiting for the other pieces to fall into place because, in time, they will.

There's something I look forward to everyday I run because each day it's different.

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